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Are you ACTUALLY a mermaid?!

Do you also love snuggly blankets?

Would you like to be cozy and mermaid-fabulous year round?  

Then you will LOVE to lounge in our comfy mermaid blankets!  

These blankets are lovingly knit by *magical starfish in a secret mermaid lagoon.

Blankets are patterned with individual scales strewn with sea sparkles.

They are also available many ocean-dazzling colors and mesMERizing designs!

We know you will love using a warm mermaid blanket to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book during winter months, whether you live in Anchorage, Alaska, or Miami, Florida!

Transform into a sea-goddess any time you wish, on land or in the water!  

Mermaid blankets are very easy to take care of.

They are simple to clean and are MERchine washable.


Sizing & Fit Information:

Small - (4-6 Toddler)

Medium -  (4-12 yr olds)

Large - (Teen - 6 ft, 180 lb. adult)


Blankets are shaped like our swim tails, but have a looser fit to allow for comfortable snuggling.  

They fit like a sleeping bag, just slide in and stay warm   

If your little mermaid wants to be covered from head to toe, you can purchase a size up.  Otherwise, just purchase one in their size.

*Disclaimer: no magical starfish were actually used in the production of these mermaid blankets...unless that's the main reason you want to purchase one.  In that case, the happiest, cutest little starfish knit your blanket with all the love in their squishy little starfish heart!  ;)