Shimmertail mermaid swimwear costumes are made with high-quality swimsuit material. They can be used in the pool, on land, or in the bath tub!  A Shimmertail includes a flexible fin with foot straps (we have thickened the fin and added a ankle strap) and are perfect for swimming!   


Lyndi Stanger (age 11)  is the designer and mastermind behind Shimmertail Mermaid Swimwear. She loves to play mermaids with her three younger sisters and wanted to make a costume her family could afford.  After four years of design and sewing numerous mermaid tails for all the girls in her neighborhood, the demand got too great for her family to keep up, so they found a company to manufacture her design.  Since the first shipment arrived in June 2014 Lyndi's family has found ways to deligate all the difficult tasks (boxing, shipping, customer service) so the company can continue to grow without taking over their life.  The part Lyndi enjoys the most is designing new Shimmertails and coming up with mermaid novelty ideas.  She also loves to see pictures of happy kids wearing Shimmertails.  That makes all the work worth it. 

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How To Wear:The mermaid swimswear is put on, similar to putting on tights. Roll up fabric down to the ankles, insert feet into fin straps, then pull the tail up to your waist. It's best to put it on right next to the pool, then slide into the water. Remember to wear a life jacket and always swim with adult supervision. You can also click on our "videos" link to see how to put the swimwear on, and learn how to swim in it as well.  

Please REMOVE the fin for walking, but slide it on for fantastic swimming! To avoid scratching the swimwear, put it on right next to the pool.  If your costume rips during use from heavy play, you can buy replacement fabric for $24.99



- Use ONLY with adult supervision.

 - To ensure your safety, the Shimmertail Mermaid Swimwear must be worn with a life jacket at ALL times.

- To reduce the risk of falling, put the Shimmertali Mermaid Swimwear on at the edge of the pool by sliding feet into the foot straps, then pull up the tail.

- Do NOT use in water that is too deep for your swimming abilities.

-Shimmertails are not life saving devices.


Handling care: Remove fin by folding and pulling out before machine washing it. If the swimwear smells mil-dewy, you can machine wash cold, inside out. Hang dry. Do not use fabric softeners, bleach or iron.

You can contact us by filling out the form below,  sending an email to customerservice@shimmertail.com or writing to the address below. 


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