Mermaid Folklore From Around the World

Jun 21st 2016

Think you know mermaids? Think again. Cultures all over the world have legends of half-human, half-fish creatures that live in the seas. Although they all have different names, they represent each cu … read more
Ready To Swim Like A Mermaid?

Ready To Swim Like A Mermaid?

Mar 29th 2016

Mermaids move with unearthly beauty and grace in the water. They use their strong tails to propel them quickly through the ocean, and even the fish admire them for their speed.Naturally, you, too, ma … read more

Free Tote - Coupon Code

Posted by Kristie Feyereisen on Jan 29th 2016

Mermaid Love from ShimmertailReceive a FREE TOTE from Shimmertail when you order $75 or more in merchandise on Add the tote to your shopping cart and enter Coupon Code "FREETOTE" … read more

Mermaid Hair is the Magical New Trend!

Posted by Jenny Stanger on Jan 26th 2016

ICYMI, yesterday was the 26th anniversary of The Little Mermaid! But since it's basically one of the best Disney movies ever, we're planning on celebrating all week long. And that includes drooling ov … read more