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Frequently Asked Questions:

What size is best for my child?  

Please visit the "About" page for exact sizing. Shimmertails run true to size, but will stretch as your child grows 1-2 inches in the waist.  

 Do we accept international orders?  

We will in a few months. We are trying to find the best shipping rates for our international customers. We appreciate your patience.  

 Is there a restocking fee?  

Yes...there is a 15% restocking fee for returns and a 10% fee for exchanges.  This helps cover the costs of managing returns, repackaging, etc.

Can my child actually swim in this costume?

Yes...these are made for swimming. Please remember to only allow swimming under active adult supervision, and ALWAYS wear with a life jacket.  

How do I choose the best size for my child?

 Please measure both around the waist and length (hips to ankles) before making a purchase.  If your child is a tall but thin 11/12 year old, we recommend purchasing a 9/10. The 11/16 size is more for teens and young adults.   

Can I swim laps in this costume?  No, Shimmertails are for playing in, not for swimming laps in.  We are almost ready to offer our own monofin that will fit inside the Shimmertails for more serious/advanced swimmers. 

What if a tear a hole in the fabric?

If your Shimmertail fabric gets damaged, a replacement fabric can be purchased at approximately half the price of a whole new Shimmertail. The fin inside can be refitted to the replacement fabric.  Just use the contact us form to order replacement fabric.  

What if my fin cracks?

If your fin cracks, a replacement fin can be purchased for $12.99 plus shipping. Order one on our products page.  


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